When to Choose Shutters

Solid Wooden shutter

The romantic name for indoor shutters is plantation shutters. These are called the “furniture of windows” because they are always made of wood or other hard material.

Shutters Evoke “Cottage Charm”

The solid ones look like two doors that close together at the center, swinging from hinges attached to the wall or window frame. But, usually they are slatted or louvered to let in varying amounts of light.

What Are the Style Rules?

Think of them as traditional elements. Premium hardwood shutters are a  beautiful touch in almost any setting because they evoke so much romantic history. From the old days when they protected our forebears (as well as ancient peoples!) directly from the elements, they still represent the ultimate in enclosure, a protective barrier between us and the outside world. For this reason shutters are often combined on the same window with other, softer treatments.


Often shutters are the best choice when light control is important to serve the room’s purpose. Imagine a stately private library. Books must be protected from damaging sun exposure, but when it’s time to cozy up for a great read, shutters may be thrown open in a snap. Anyplace where sunlight must be controlled to serve the purpose of the room –or brisk access to the window is desired–is a good place to incorporate shutters into the decor.


Any room of your home where the activity is not open for public viewing– such as bathrooms or closets–is a fine place to install shutters.Custom shutter on arched window

Ease of Operation

Also like blinds, shutters are great for providing total privacy –or a narrow peek at the world outside. Unlike blinds, which are operated with cords, shutters are controlled by a thin, vertical bar that lifts & lowers to adjust the slats’ degree of angle. An option in custom shutters, is a hidden tilt control, which has a cleaner look.

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