Custom Roman shade

Custom Roman shade matches lovely curtain panels

Shades look crisp in casual settings, especially paired with a valance or curtains. And, they’re ideal choices when space around the window is at a premium.

Shades Have Modernized

The roller shade might be the first type that comes to mind, but even these simple shades have come a long way from the smoky rooms of film noir movies. They’re now available in natural fiber fabrics that filter the light, and they come in plenty of textures and colors to choose from. Roller shades look smart with decorative trims and embellishments too.

These shades are closed at night for privacy, but during the day they’re opened to show off this gorgeous outdoor view

 Shade for Softness

Roman shades usually pull up into deep pleats, creating a tailored look, but some are designed to shape into crescents. Any shape is perfect to create a look of simple elegance against other architectural elements such as beautiful woodwork. For more drama, festoon shades have head treatments like curtains and draw up into puffy billows. Many different fabrics make great shades: silk, damask, gauzy sheers, and even burlap.



Custom shades unite these two windows

Custom shades unite these two windows

Most shades close down over the window from the top, but there are also “top-down bottom-up controls,” which allow light in at the top, while the view into your room is blocked.