Buying Custom Draperies Is Easy

First, click here to let us know you’d like a phone call. A pop-up screen will appear for you to note some basic information, including your phone number. And then, I’ll call you.

In this phone call we’ll discuss:

  • your needs for privacy, insulation, and a pleasing esthetic;
  • whether you have a particular style in mind;
  • how many windows, or rooms of windows, are involved;
  • whether you’ve selected materials you’d like to use;
  • your budget for the project;
  • and, whether there’s a deadline to meet for a wedding, party, or holiday.

It’s unlikely you’ll have all the answers for these questions, and that’s okay. What’s important, however, is that throughCurtain-maker tools our dialogue we’ll both gain some insight into the work ahead. Before hanging up, we’ll make an appointment for me to get a first look at your windows.

Evaluating Your Window Treatment Needs (& Desires!)

planfabricThere are several steps to designing the perfect window treatment. In your home, I take precise measurements of your windows. I record other details about them too. These details are vital because each drapery is completely customized to its window. I take into account whether there is furniture blocking access to the windows, for instance, so I can ensure the curtain (or shade, shutter, blind, or a combination of these) is easy to operate despite obstacles.

Sometimes I photograph beautiful aspects of the setting, such as decorative molding around the window or some dominant shape in the room, so the drapery design plays up all of the room’s attributes.

I’m also on the look-out for difficulties that could arise during installation.

Fabrics are a big part of the conversation. There are thousands of fabrics available. Finding the right ones for your room is key, and we can work on this together if you’d like. There are ways to narrow down the choices so this doesn’t become overwhelming. See Rich Fabric for tips.

Style, Form & Function—oh my!

We’ll talk about options for the windows, that is, various styles you might want to consider. To see more about styling…. , or Useful Terms (if your the curious type like me).divide

The form of a window treatment depends on the formality of the room among other things. Function comes into play too. See further information about Shutters, Draperies & Curtains, Shades, or Blinds

Function is the window’s job–

  • whether it’s to provide privacy;
  • provide protection from heat and cold;
  • or, to balance the window’s “look” with other elements in the room.

Maybe its purpose is only to look dazzling, which I believe is the most important job of all, naturally. Ooh-la-la!

I very much look forward to hearing from you.

For more information, see Quick FAQs.