Combining Treatment Types

Drapery Layers Are Appealing 

Layering is a common term in the world of design, but when applied to window treatments it usually means more than one kind of treatment is installed on (layered upon) the same window. Layers lend visual interest and complexity to the window by giving them depth and texture.

Layers Solve Problems

Combining more than one treatment on a window often has a practical purpose too:

  • Windows across the front of your house should have a consistent appearance from the street view. To achieve this, an extra layer is added behind the main treatment on all of the exterior windows. This layer could be sheer panels, shades, shutters, or blinds. Exterior windows usually belong to separate rooms with very different decors. But with this extra layer the windows blend with the architecture instead of being a distraction of competing colors and patterns.

  • Extra layers add extra insulation and additional light control when it’s needed.

  • Combining a fabric top treatment, such as a valance, above shutters or blinds softens the texture of the window. Fabric curtain panels combined with shutters is a classic way to add softness to a hard treatment.