About Window Blinds

Best Use

Blinds are a great choice for windows with nice views. This is because blinds appear to “disappear” when they’re fully opened, giving the show over to the natural world outside. Closed blinds make an indoor space look spacious, especially if the blinds match their adjacent walls in color and texture.

Other Special Advantages

Blinds are ideal for rooms that get lots of sunshine throughout the day. They allow you to admit exactly the right amount of light, cut glare, and protect furniture from sun damage. Also consider blinds for bathroom windows also because they hold up well in damp conditions.

Customization Is the Difference

Made-to-measure blinds operate smoothly and have a neat appearance. Well-made blinds pull with very little resistance and there’s no uncertainty about which cord tilts the slats and which does the raising & lowering because they have been designed for your special use, for one particular window.

Slats are either 2 or 2 1/2 inches tall. Some slats are s-shaped for even better light control.

See Window Blind Styles for more information about forms and textures.